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You’re always going to know where you stand with An Instant Sale as your property buying company

How much we offer as a ball park?

In return for a quick sale we offer anywhere between 15% – 30% below the current market value of your property. We pay for all the fees attached to the sale and you will get a fixed amount paid via a UK Solicitor into your bank. No surprises and no other deductions which other property buying companies may charge.

How do we make an accurate offer?

Our offer is dependent on the information you give us and we carry out a desktop valuation on our end. If you accept our offer we then instruct a RICS valuation to be carried out and make you an offer accordingly so you know exactly what we are basing our price on.

How do we do it so quickly?

As property buyers, we buy with cash and we keep it simple. We have a great team around us to help and assist in this process to ensure you get exactly what we have agreed and ensure the process is straightforward for you and for us. We keep you informed throughout the process so you are kept up to date during the process & progression of the sale.